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Switchboard and Main Power

Switchboard Upgrades

Many older properties do not have modern switchboards with circuit breakers and safety switches. Older switchboards with ceramic fuses aren’t designed to cope with the volume and power of modern day appliances. By organising a switchboard upgrade that comes with the latest circuit protection devices such as RCBO’s, you can ensure that you, your family and your property are protected from dangerous electrical faults.

Reasons why a switchboard upgrade is essential

  • To prevent loss of life through electrocution.
  • To reduce risk of electrical fires.
  • Switchboards with ceramic fuses are designed to cater for a couple of household appliances such as a fridge, TV, washing machine and oven. Modern houses have so many more appliances causing overloading issues.
  • Because of this “over loading” of the switchboards these homes and businesses may experience frequent power outs and tripping.
  • Renovations such as kitchens, laundries and extensions could add extra stress to your electrical switchboard. A switchboard upgrade should always be a part of the renovation.
  • Often older electrical switchboards are not fitted with electrical safety switches.
  • To protect cables concealed within your walls, flooring and ceiling which are prone to overheating if the correct protective devices are not installed.

Always get a licensed electrical contractor to do your electrical works and always request a safety certificate upon completion of the job.

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Safety Switches

Safety switches are mandatory on all new electrical circuits.

In the event that somebody accidentally gets electrocuted, the safety switch operates by cutting off power to the circuit in as little as 0.03 seconds, less than the length of a critical heartbeat.

They are the simplest way to protect people in your home from electrical accidents. We can fit these to your main switch board for a lot less than you would think. Safety switches save lives!

Mains Fuse Box & Consumer Mains

Unfortunately mains fuse boxes can deteriorate over the years. Whether you lose power to your house due to a faulty fuse box at your point of attachment, or the power distribution company disconnect your power for a fuse box defect, we will do our absolute best to replace the mains fuse box as soon as possible and get your power back on.

We at Urban West Electrical specialise in upgrading consumer mains, meter panels and fuse boxes. There is a quite a bit of a process replacing, upgrading or relocating meter panels, consumer mains cables or the mains fuse box. We will liaise with your electrical retailer and the power distributer in your particular area and submit the paper work on your behalf. We will complete the works and make the transition as smooth as possible whilst completing the work to industry guidelines.

All our works will be inspected by an electrical inspector and you will be issued with a compliance certificate upon completion. Feel free to call us for a free quote or if you would like to discuss the process in more detail.

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