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The Benefits Of Home Security (4 Points To Consider)

Home security is something that should be seriously considered in today’s day and age – it’s an unfortunate reality but it never hurts to be cautious. Urban West Electrical is capable of CCTV installation in Hoppers Crossing as well as general security system advice and set up for your home. If you’re not sure exactly what home security can bring to you and your family – then today’s blog will hopefully change that.

1.     It’s an active deterrent

When burglars see security cameras or trigger motion lights, they’re more likely to call off their initial plans. This is why a solid security system is not only great in catching crimes but also actively preventing them. In fact, Budget Direct stated that 49.1% of burglary cases were prevented due to a security system being present – the second-highest deterrent (with the first being a barking dog). If you’re home, then you’re likely to be alerted to the unexpected motion. But even if you’re not home you can still receive updates on your smart device – which brings us to our next point.

2.     External monitoring

With current technological advancements, home security and CCTV systems can now be viewed on your smart device wherever you are in the world – whether it’s down the street having brunch or in another country enjoying a holiday. With that in mind, even if a burglar is not deterred (or misses the cameras) then you’ll be able to witness it happening and alert the appropriate authorities – even when you’re not home. 

It’s this sort of innovation that will give you and your family peace of mind. With motion sensors at your door (or anywhere around your home for that matter), you can keep track of who comes and goes during the day whilst you’re at work. There are a variety of options when it comes to storing footage depending on what sort of system you go for – from locally storing it on hard drives to cloud-based subscription services.

Additionally, our experts can help you install a motion monitoring system that will not only alert you or a family member to unwanted activity but also professional security firms for that extra bit of reassurance.

3.     Hardware for every occasion

From CCTV to motion sensors and lighting – there’s a different type of security hardware for all situations – helping you find the right type to suit your home in Hoppers Crossing. Looking to cover multiple avenues around your property? Smaller cameras are available that can be seamlessly fitted. There are also waterproof and night-enhanced options available. You’re similarly spoilt for choice when it comes to lighting. From large floodlights to small, concentrated varieties – security lights are the most cost-effective way to deter intruders. 

Motion detectors can be customised to trigger when motion is detected within a certain field of view and trigger silent or loud alarms as well as lights. The extensive inventory of home security hardware available means that you can customise and fortify your home in any manner you see fit.

4.     Provides peace of mind

Your home in Hoppers Crossing deserves to be equipped with the best security hardware the market has to offer and knowing that your home is safe can alleviate a mountain of stress – allowing you to concentrate on more important things in your life. And, with the smart device integration that makes all your hardware easy to manage, you can allow other members of your family to actively monitor as well in case you’re unable to for whatever reason.

Do you need CCTV installation services in Hoppers Crossing?

There’s no feeling greater than knowing that your home, family and valuables are safe – which is why home security systems are a great investment that will always pay off in the end. Here at Urban West Electrical, we specialise in quality and full-service home security solutions in Hoppers Crossing and the surrounding western suburbs. Choose from a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to accommodate your specific needs.

Not sure what exactly you’re looking for? Chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members to get a clearer picture of what your requirements may be and how we can satisfy them. Our technicians are fully licensed, reliable and always work proficiently to mitigate any impact on your day-to-day schedule.

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