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What you Need to Know About Smart Home Technology

The last few decades have seen a rapid growth in technology and as the technology advances – so too does its applications and availability to the general public. Smart technology specifically has been popular in the last few years – but what is it? And how can it benefit day-to-day life? Our electrician in Werribee will be spending this article going through the basics of smart home technology and some examples of its capabilities.

Smart home technology in a nutshell

Smart home technology is used in appliances to give them internet connectivity, allowing them to communicate with other smart devices in your home for the express purpose of simplifying your day-to-day activities. These can be standard appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, lights, televisions or even blinds – that act the same way they would normally, but also have an added touch of functionality that allows you to control them from a smart device or, with your voice.

Smart assistants

In addition to smart appliances, there are also smart assistants which act as hubs – connecting all of your devices to a central system that allows you to control everything with ease. Some examples would be Amazon’s Echo or Google’s Nest products. These will allow you to control the temperature of your air conditioner or the status of the lights in different rooms all with your voice.

Additionally, they also act as assistants in the sense that they can find recipes for you, play music and even act as Bluetooth inputs. There are varying sizes and styles ranging from unobtrusive, basic units to ones with touch screens that will display a daily breakdown for you (like the day’s forecast, breaking news, traffic conditions etc.).

Remote control

In addition to asking smart assistants to turn your lights off or close the living room blind, you can also use your smartphone or tablet to do the same using the correct applications, shortcuts or even by asking it. This also means that when set up correctly, you can control your smart home from anywhere in the world (provided you have an internet connection). So, for example, if you’re out for dinner on a warm night, you can turn the air conditioning on at home just as you’re about to leave so by the time you get home, the house will have cooled down sufficiently enough for it to be comfortable.


Automations are clever and handy processes that our Werribee-based electricians love. Essentially, a smart home automation is a set of commands that instructs particular appliances to do specific things upon being triggered. For example, at 6 pm every weeknight, the porch light will turn on at 100% brightness. Or, if you turn the television on and play a movie from a streaming service, the blinds will go down and the lights will turn off.

There are endless possibilities for what you can do with automations and you’ll end up finding the right one to suit your daily lifestyle.  If you have to be up for work early, then after your alarm is stopped, your smart assistant could give you a rundown of the latest news and weather for the day as well as any calendar events or reminders you may have scheduled – all whilst you’re getting dressed. That way, you can get your morning reminders without slowing down or unnecessarily wasting time.

There are even smart coffee makers nowadays which means you can add a fresh cup of coffee into your daily routine so that by the time you reach the kitchen it will be all ready and waiting for you. For the end of the day – you can automate specific lights to activate when you arrive home and turn off automatically after a certain amount of time.

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Creating a smart home takes some time and research. Not all manufacturers’ products will be compatible with each other so for complete and seamless connectivity you should establish a single hub that all the products and appliances can connect to. If you need some assistance with smart appliances and installing air conditioningtelevision or lighting units, then Urban West Electrical is just a phone call away.

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