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A Guide To New Build Electrics (6 Essential Areas To Look Into)

Building a new home can be an exciting undertaking as you get to see every planned detail come to fruition exactly how you imagined it. One aspect of construction that is especially important in a new build, is the electrics – which could cause serious problems if done incorrectly. Only a trusted and certified Laverton North-based electrician should handle the electrics in your new build. And, to help ensure you’re on the right track, we’re going to be taking a look at six tips that you should consider when building a new home in Laverton North.

1.     Find the wiring system that works for you

The type of wiring system you choose, and its size, will dictate how much power your new home will be able to handle. If you know you’re going to be needing something a bit more than your average household then you should discuss this with your electrician so they can make the necessary alterations and a suitable system can be found. 

The more popular type of wiring system involves concealing the wiring conduits behind walls. The walls should be vermin-proof and have sufficient room for the cables to sit in. The installation should be carried out before the walls are completed to maximise efficiency and make it easier for the electrician to carry out their work.

2.     Plan outlet positions

Every major room should have at least one outlet – whilst the larger rooms should have extras spaced out. Knowing exactly what each room will be used for and how they’ll be designed prior to construction beginning can be a huge advantage. For example, if you know exactly how/where you’re going to set up your television and home entertainment system – then you know that you’ll probably need a couple of outlets side-by-side to avoid multiple power boards from taking up too much room. 

Whilst power outlets generally sit quite low to the ground, outlets in bathrooms and kitchens should be positioned higher to be used with appliances and to minimise water damage.

3.     Maximise on lighting

Similarly to planning where your power outlets should go – it’s incredibly beneficial to maximise on the positioning of your lighting. What sort of lighting will you be using? Is one large globe better than multiple downlights in certain rooms? Will you be using heat lamps in the bathroom? These are all aspects that you should consider and try to get sorted in the initial planning phase before construction.

4.     Consider a landline

Whilst the landline phone is slowly fading into obscurity with mobile phones being so easily accessible nowadays – it’s still worth considering a connection that will always be there in case of emergencies. For landline telephones, a trench needs to be dug so the lead-in cable can be placed. The internal phone wiring will also need to be completed at the same time as the home’s general wiring – before the walls have been finished.

5.     Invest in air conditioning

Air conditioning is the ideal investment to complete any home in Laverton North. Whilst split system air conditioning can be installed after a home has been built – it doesn’t hurt to include it in the construction phase. Air conditioning is highly desirable since in Melbourne we can get some pretty scorching summer days as well as some frosty winter ones. Pair it with some effective insulation for optimal thermal efficiency.

6.     Outdoor features

There are several different outdoor electrical appliances and features you can consider – ranging from simple to extravagant ones depending on the size of your yard. For example, if you have a deck area that’s going to be an outdoor living room then you might want to consider some built-in speakers, lighting or maybe even an outdoor kitchen. Our electricians can help you get all of that sorted.

On a smaller scale – having some outdoor power outlets can be beneficial if you want to put some light features in your garden or know you’ll be using some electric tools in the near future that aren’t very portable. Rather than running a long cable from inside your home – simplify matters with an outdoor power outlet.

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