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Top 8 Electrics To Consider Upgrading During A Renovation

When it comes to residential renovations, there are a few electrics that our electrician in Werribee thinks you should consider upgrading. Depending on the breadth of your renovation, it may even be easier to access certain electrics during this time. For today’s blog, we’re going to be highlighting eight of the best electrics to consider upgrading during a renovation – the first five of which we consider to be absolutely crucial.

1.     Upgrade your switchboard

If your home’s switchboard is quite old, then now is definitely the time to upgrade it. Outdated switchboards might not be able to keep up with the demands of modern appliances and could short circuit. Circuit breakers, safety switches and the mains switch are all aspects that should be upgraded to ensure a better functioning switchboard that can keep up with your newly renovated home.

2.     Fuse box and main earth

Fuse boxes suffer from wear and tear and should be replaced accordingly. If a fuse box is deemed unsafe then it can become a fire hazard. Outdated wiring switches being constantly tripped are sure signs that it’s time for a new fuse box. The earth wire should also be looked at as that’s where any excess power will go – so you’ll definitely want to make sure that it’s installed and operating properly.

3.     Replace old wiring

A lot of older homes may still be using outdated electrical wiring. This can cause serious issues later down the track and should be replaced with safer, modern solutions immediately. If your home is being renovated, then a Werribee-based electrician can assess of your home’s wires to ascertain whether or not they need to be replaced or not. In some extreme cases, the old wiring may be exposed and could cause fires – so it’s a good idea to get it assessed ASAP.

4.     Reorganise your lighting

A renovation is a perfect time to look at rearranging your lights in one or several of your rooms. This will require a bit of work but it’s definitely best to do it whilst the rest of your home is being updated as you’re going to need to put new holes into your ceiling. This is also a fantastic opportunity to look into LED lighting if you haven’t already as several eco-friendly benefits accompany it as well as better overall performance and efficiency compared to incandescent bulbs.

5.     Install/upgrade smoke detectors

Smoke detectors need to be kept in the best working condition possible as they could save your life one day. You should have a smoke detector in each bedroom and most other rooms of your home. They should also be tested once a month using the test button on them and the batteries replaced at least once a year.

6.     Air conditioning

Getting an air conditioner installed during a renovation is highly desirable and very practical. Our Werribee-based electricians are qualified to install split-system air conditioning units in a single visit – which means we can get it installed and up and running in between your other renovation works. The best part is that it’s just in time for the approaching winter months so you can keep your home nice and toasty.

7.     CCTV

Home security is something we take very seriously which is why we offer premium CCTV solutions for residential properties. We’re able to tailor our solutions to fit your strategy and achieve your desired outcome. Every home is different, which is why we’ll work with you to ensure everything fits into place. This is also a fantastic service to look at during renovations as it’ll add to the freshness of the home.

8.     Audio/visual setup

Some people want more than just a television and some speakers at home. However, it can get quite messy if your cables are constantly building up and running across your ceiling or along your floor to connect to your back channels. That’s where we can offer unique and efficient solutions to remedy this situation. 

We can run the cables through your wall and then finish it off with some speaker wall plates for a nice clean look. That way, all you have to do is plug your amplifier into the wall outlets and then your back-channel speakers into the other outlets and they’ll be connected without all the hassle or mess.

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