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6 Signs your Home Needs to be Rewired

There comes a point where you might start noticing little things around your home. Although they may seem minor at the time, these anomalies should not be ignored. At some point in the lifespan of your home, the electrical wiring will need to be redone. Put simply, outdated and ill-functioning electrics running through your home can cause power issues and in extreme cases even result in electrical fires. If you think your home may require rewiring, then you should contact a skilled electrician in Werribee to help you out. But first, you need to read the signs that your home requires rewiring in the first place.

1.     Lighting issues (dimming, flickering and burning out)

Whilst the first conclusion for light-related issues may be fluctuating voltage or – if you have smart lights – an internet issue, the true cause may be more serious. If you notice constant light flickering around your home or duller than usual globes (that aren’t a result of the bulb reaching the end of its life) then it may be due to a wiring issue such as faulty circuits or loose wires. If a lightbulb is burning out unusually fast in its socket, and you’ve ruled out high voltage, then bad wiring may be at fault.

2.     Outlets sparking

If you witness your outlets sparking, then it is crucial that you contact a Werribee-based electrician immediately so they can assess the issue. The reason an outlet might spark is because of an excessive build-up of heat within the outlet. If allowed to continue, this build-up could lead to electrical fires – minor ones at first that could become more dangerous the longer the wiring is left unchecked. Keep in mind, that this is for when outlets spark. If an appliance is sparking, then it’s more likely due to a fault in the appliance itself.

3.     Discoloured or burnt outlets

Just because you don’t physically see sparking, doesn’t mean it doesn’t occur. When sparks occur at an outlet, the heat build-up can cause minor fires to occur and it’s these fires that will cause discolouration – especially a burnt, charred effect – that will stain the outlet. If you do notice such discolouration around outlets or even light switches – then some rewiring may be required.

4.     Burning smell

Of course, these minor fires that can cause discolouration will also give off a burning smell. If you smell something like this and are unsure where it’s coming from, then it could be an electrical issue. If this is the case, then we advise you to unplug your appliances and contact an electrician immediately. The minor fire giving off the scent may not always be from an outlet or toggle switch but could also originate from behind your wall or under your floor. So, if you do smell an unusual burning scent, it’s imperative that you allow one of our experts to assess the situation to mitigate the chance of any serious incidents occurring.

5.     Constantly blown fuses and circuit breakers

Sometimes newer technology has certain power requirements that old fuses and wires can’t handle properly. If you’ve noticed that your fuses are blowing regularly, then it might be time to reassess your home’s wiring. Additionally, the same can be said for circuit breakers. Whilst it’s the circuit breakers job to trip when there is a power surge – if your breaker is constantly tripping, then it could pose an electrical fire risk and you should engage an electrician in Werribee to update it.

6.     Unusual noises

A truly worrying sign that you should keep an ear out for is any unusual sounds that don’t originate from sources that you can explain. For example, hissing or buzzing from outlets and switches. These sorts of sounds are irregular and should be investigated by a professional to further mitigate the chance of any damage occurring.

Do you require an electrician in Werribee?

If you detect one or all of the above signs in your home, then it might be time to give Urban West Electrical a call so we can rewire your home and assure it’s up to scratch. Our electricians abide by all the appropriate codes and standards and will ensure that a premium level of service is provided.

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